Beer American India Pale Ale - Ipareal
Beer American India Pale Ale - Ipareal

Beer American India Pale Ale - Ipareal

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🍺 Ipareal - American India Pale Ale Beer 🍺

0.5 L bottle

Typology: American India Pale Ale

  • Intense and thirst-quenching blonde.
  • The bitterness is present and balanced.
  • Despite the abundant hopping and the not indifferent alcohol content, Ipareal results a beer with a balanced bitterness and the low perception of alcohol on the palate.
  • Produced with excellent English malt and a large amount of American hops added in several stages of processing, until just before bottling.
  • The taste and aroma is due to the generous hopping, reminiscent of exotic fruit. 
  • It owes its characteristic exotic fruit flavor to the blend of American hops used, well balanced by a careful selection of malts, for a very pleasant result.
  • 6.0 alcoholic degrees 
  • Produced in Este (Pd)

Ingrediants: Water, barley malt, hops, yeast.

Conservation methods:

Keep at a temperature below 4 ° C away from light to preserve its characteristics. 

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