Summer wildflower honey from the heart of Schio
Summer wildflower honey from the heart of Schio

Summer wildflower honey from the heart of Schio

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Summer wildflower honey from the heart of Schio 

Wildflower honey collected at the end of June from beehives located in the center of the city of Schio, between the parks and gardens of the Castle and Valletta dei Frati.

It is an urban beekeeping honey as the hives are located in the garden of a historic residence in the city: the recently skilfully renovated Villa Rosa Granotto. At the sight of the trees of the Tajara of the Castle of Schio and of the church of San Rocco the bees that produce this very special honey live and work.

  • Food with high biological value rich in trace elements.
  • Fresh wholemeal product which has not undergone conservation or refining heat treatments.
  • It differs from other summer wildflowers due to the coexistence of nectar components of various species, from the classic blooms of stable meadows, hedges and woods in the month of June (white clover, bramble, lime tree, cockscomb) to those of less frequent but often characterizing species from an organoleptic point of view, such as the tulip tree, the Canadian vine, the Judas thorn, the horse chestnut or the ailanthus, characteristic species of historical parks, gardens with an "exotic" flavor or the spontaneous vegetation typical of abandoned urban areas.

✅ Stored in a dark and cool place, it maintains its characteristics of freshness for longer. 🧊

Storage times: 

Consume within 18 months from the date of manufacture.

* The crystallization of honey is a completely natural process that does not alter the quality and edibility of the honey, on the contrary it is synonymous with high quality and genuineness, as the honey is not subjected to pasteurization, which involves an alteration of the honey itself.

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