Who we are

Casoin Online wants to be the beginning of a path of innovation, love for the food excellence of our land and collaboration with the quality artisans of our territory.

We have chosen to call it Casoin because for us it is the essence of our project and this word fully represents our idea.

We want to represent your trusted e-commerce where you can find for sale online typical Venetian artisan food products of companies that every day enhance the tradition and authentic flavors of our table and the territory.

A little history of the Casoin ....

C A S O I N = masculine noun, from the Venetian dialect. Small village shop, often family-run. The reference shop of a community. Place of sale of basic necessities and zero km.


Casein is an ancient word, full of meaning, of the Venetian dialect. It means village shop and the etymology is confusing. In the dictionaries of the Venetian dialect, under the entry caseìn, there is o the wording food store or that of cheese Shop. It could derive from the Latin for cheese caseus or more simply be a diminutive of the house. The second hypothesis is more probable, also looking at the context of the case. In fact, most of the cases were based in the same "house" as the owners. There is talk of ancient village shops, of family shops, which however kept the charm of peasant genuineness.

Once these places dotted the territory of the Serenissima. They were part of the local agri-food landscape and represented the source of livelihood for many families, especially outside the big cities.

In a "casein" there was the essential food, especially local products. The genuineness of the goods sold in a casein it was guaranteed by the close and indissoluble relationship between producers and consumers in the almost self-sufficient economy of the villages. The seasonality of fruit and vegetables, but also of the production of wines and cheeses, marked the peasant life of the Veneto landscape with rituality. It can be said that, in historical periods in which no one talked about quality, origin, organic methods and zero km, the various cases were able to sell products that fell into all these categories. Unwittingly, therefore, still today in the search for food products we try, in a certain sense, to return to that almost archaic relationship of self-production and self-consumption.

The caseins, then, have contributed to the food and wine differentiation of the Veneto area, since they have financed and worked with companies that are often exclusively local, which, as happens in every family, have developed slightly different production, cultivation and breeding processes. Let's think for example of Asiago cheese, which in 1978 was named DOP (product entirely obtained and packaged in the declared territory of origin). Its quality was born from centuries of history of the peasant populations of the plateau of the seven municipalities. Cheese actually comes from convergence of techniques and dairy research resulting from the need for a well-defined cultural universe, but at the same time equally multifaceted. The Asian example also applies to many other products ranging from typical cured meats to wines, locally produced oils and seasonal vegetables, all often sold by chance closer to home.

In the last seventy years, however, with the appearance of large-scale distribution warehouses, hypermarkets and mobility, the cases are disappearing. The competition with large supermarket chains is too strong and the shops that were an integral part of the Venetian cultural identity have found it difficult to survive. With them goes also a testimony of the village and peasant memory.

In addition, the disappearance of the Casoins breaks up a link in the chain of the genuine and direct relationship between Veneto production companies (in particular small farms in the hills, plains and mountains) and the consumer. It was not unusual in the past to meet in person the "cheesemakers", the farmers, the breeders who produced the cheese, vegetables, salami, oil, wine and bread on which the town was fed. Often they were neighbors, friends, relatives who all met in casein as a place for exchange, business and community growth.

The Casoin online platform seeks to bring back to the consumer the poetry and charm of a conscious, slow and enjoyed diet, as well as allowing them to savor a piece of food and wine culture and guaranteeing great quality and seasonality. It achieves its goal by acting as an intermediary between the various local Veneto farms trying to help them make themselves known and distribute these unique products outside their own reality.

For this caseinonline.it aims to be able to create a shop made up of many realities that can gather within it a vast landscape, cultural and gastronomic exquisitely Venetian. The wish of the Casoin is therefore to rediscover a heritage on the verge of oblivion and to make us attentive and curious consumers, perhaps ready to fill our personal wicker basket not only with products but with stories, fantasies, culture and genuineness of taste and food and wine experience.