Blu '61 ®

Blu '61 ®

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🧀 Blue cheese aged in “Raboso Passito IGT” wine and cranberries.

Sweet and balanced flavor with vinous notes. Ideal for sweet wines and aromatic sour beers.

Pack of 150 g - tasting for 10 people

TREATMENT: Pasteurized
MATURATION: Min. 2 months
SHELF-LIFE: 75 days
PAIRING: Passito wines

The ability to encompass 50 years of history, of passion ... Antonio Carpenedo's magic with Blu '61® has no boundaries and literally conquers the world with the ability to amaze the most demanding and skeptical palates. The art of marrying an elegant blue cheese with an indigenous wine is part of the success of this wonderful experience called Blu '61®, aged with Raboso Passito and accompanied by fine crusted cranberries. An authentic jewel for meditating. 50 years of marriage with Giuseppina inspired Antonio to “freeze” his love over time. 

VIEW: Splendid fusion between the marc of the rind and the red of the cranberries. It has the appearance of a high pastry dessert. When cut, you can appreciate the fine and widespread marbling of green, ocean blue, which runs through the cream-colored paste.

TOUCH: Soft, tending to creamy on the surface with the warmth of the skin, it amazes with the soft consistency of the marbled paste thanks to the action of the wine. The rind in contact with the wine takes on a decisive weight and breaks sharply into portions with jagged edges.

SMELL: The symphony of perfumes touches the strings of our senses, surprising for the harmony of the marbling that changes to sweet. The scent of cherry and dried fruit goes well with the vinous notes in the crust.

TASTE: The end of this journey is the mouth. It cremates and invades the palate with marbled notes that are never pungent, pleasant and in perfect balance with the sweetness of the vinous notes of the Passito di Raboso. In purity or in contrast to the acidity of cranberries, in fondue with onion croutons, on top of meat or in risotto, it has no boundaries.

-First place in the 2012 ALMA CASEUS competition in the 'Blue Cheese' category

INFINITI BLU the world of blue cheeses:

  • Diploma of Excellence 2013.
  • 2015 Quality Diploma
  • Higher Quality Diploma 2016

🥉 World Cheese Awards 2014 bronze medal

🥉 World Cheese Awards 2017 bronze medal

Ingredients: Pasteurized cow's MILK, salt, lactic ferments, aging ferments, rennet. dried cranberries (cranberries, sugar, sunflower oil) (min. 4%) and “Raboso Passito IGT” wine (1%) in crust. Store at + 2 ° C / + 4 ° C.

AVERAGE VALUES FOR 100 g: Energia / Energy 1529 KJ / 369 kcal, Fats 31 g - of which saturated 23 g, Carbohydrates 1.7 g - of which sugars 1.1 g, Proteins 20 g, Salt 2 g.

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