Blu Gins®

Blu Gins®

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🧀 Cow's milk blue cheese aged in Roby Marton Gin and a fine blend of spices in a crust. Decorated with white chocolate.

Pack of 150 g - tasting for 10 people.

KIND OF MILK: Pasteurized cow
MATURATION: Min. 4 Months

As Antonio Carpenedo says, cheese always starts with an idea. Blugins was born on the occasion of Antonio's 50th anniversary of activity. The family thinks of an original idea: to combine cheeses with cocktails and thanks also to the collaboration with a great Treviso bartender, specific cocktails were created for the occasion to match our creations.

From this path of strong innovation and research, the Carpenedo family decides to share this project with Roberto Marton and his prestigious Gin.

After two years of testing, in 2017, the right T.U.T.A was finally found. And here is an intriguing blue cheese made from cow's milk that perfectly marries one of the most loved spirits in the world.

The Blugins name crowns a product that aims at contemporaneity and innovation of taste. Gin and cheese are not only a perfect combination from a sensorial and gastronomic point of view, they also represent the fusion of cultures, stories and passions that tell the desire for pleasure and beauty. Blugins is dedicated to those who do not like banality, to those who love to dare at the table and in life.

VIEW: Blugins is wrapped in an ingenious package that incorporates an original fabric pocket. The pearly white of the shape is enriched with small flakes of spices used for the distillation of gin. When cut, you can appreciate the compactness and homogeneity of the marbling and the particular creaminess of the paste.

TOUCH: The paste is compact and at the same time delicately creamy. The grain does not form a drop like in the most common blue cheeses but remains impalpable and delicately melted into the paste, thanks to the action of the Gin.

SMELL: A fragrant, slightly alcoholic, sweet, elegant, fine and decidedly intriguing creation. Sensations of aromatic fine herbs and flowery pleasures blend pleasantly with the scented essence of the blue cream.

WANT: The aromatic expression of Gin intoxicates the palate, finding an ideal accompaniment in the cream cheese. The blue notes are elegant, sensitively spicy, slightly spicy and finely alcoholic. Cheese from
meditation, to be combined with a Gin-based cocktail to make an ideal pairing. Excellent for delicious "appetizers", a risotto and creative "unconventionalfood".


Nomination Italian Cheese Awards 2018 

Ingrediants: Pasteurized cow's MILK, white chocolate min.5% (cocoa butter min.33%, MILK powder, sugar, emulsifiers: SOY lecithin, vanilla extract) salt, rennet, lactic ferments, Roby Marton Gin (min.3.5 %) and mixture of spices (in variable proportions): star anise, cardamom, juniper berries, ginger (min 0.1%) in rind.


AVERAGE VALUES PER 100 g: Energy / Energy 1550 KJ / 374 kcal, Fat 31.5 g - of which saturated 22.3 g, Fat on the S.S. min 50%, Carbohydrates 1,4 g - of which sugars 0 g, Proteins 21,2 g, Salt 2,9 g.

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