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🧀 Blue cheese from cow's milk aged in beer, barley malt and walnuts

Pack of 150 g - tasting for 10 people.

KIND OF MILK: Pasteurized cow
SEASONING: Min. 50 days

Not just an experience of taste, but a journey, the story of an encounter enclosed thanks to the creative talent of Antonio Carpenedo in this latest creation, the Dolomitico.

1997, summer, a picnic in the mountains that he loves so much. It happens by chance, as often in life, that Antonio meets the brewmaster on the slopes of the Dolomites capable of striking his curiosity.

He approaches him with passion to a world largely unknown to him, beer.

A beer made with passion, combining local products such as barley and mountain water. The time of nature that reigns supreme in the fermentation processes.

The patience of those who know how to wait for the right moment. He recognizes himself in that way of conceiving flavors and decides to transfer the emotion of that encounter into his cheese.

Thus began the adventure of experimenting, of waiting patiently for the results of many tests to one day arrive to taste the perfect Dolomitico, carefully refined, transformed with that unique beer, the protagonist of a chance encounter, a spark of creativity.

VIEW: Of cylindrical proportions, it is uniformly amber in the crust with decidedly darker veins. When cut, it is milky and finely marbled with a vertical prevalence of molds.

TOUCH: Extraordinarily pleasant to the touch, both for the size and for the consistency that lies between the semi-hard and the soft. Easy to taste at your fingertips, perfect combination of softness and density.

SMELL: On the nose it amazes with its stable smell that mixes finely with the decidedly pronounced malt in the crust and perfectly balanced in the paste, where fermentations give a characteristic hint of barley.

WANT: Our advice is to taste the Dolomitico as an appetizer with pork salami and lager beer, in a fondue with vegetables, with savory white wine or dry sparkling wine. On pizza or fresh salads with dried fruit, citrus and green apple.


-INFINITI BLU the world of blue cheeses:

  • 2015 quality diploma
  • Higher Quality Diploma 2018

Ingrediants: Pasteurized cow's MILK, NUTS min 5%, salt, rennet, beer min. 0.1% (water, BARLEY malt, corn, hops) and BARLEY malt min. 0.1% in rind (contains GLUTEN). / Cow MILK, WALNUTS min 5%, salt, rennet, beer min 0,1% (water, BARELY malt, corn, hop) and BARLEY malt min. 0.1% on the rind (contains GLUTEN).


AVERAGE VALUES PER 100 g: Energia / Energy 1604 KJ / 387 kcal, Fats 32.5 g - of which saturated 22.3 g, Carbohydrates 0.44 g - of which sugars 0 g, Proteins 23.2 g, Salt 1.6 g.

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