Ubriaco® with Prosecco DOC
Ubriaco® with Prosecco DOC
Ubriaco® with Prosecco DOC

Ubriaco® with Prosecco DOC

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🧀 Semi-hard cheese aged in Prosecco DOC wine.

Delicate, sparkling and fruity taste with slightly acidic nuances. 

Delicate flavor, with a pleasant vinous aftertaste.

Cheese from milk vaccineaged at least 4 months and then immersed in tanks with marc and dry wine. Antonio Carpenedo's method provides precise immersion sessionsi, followed by periods of rest and drying, taking into account the T.U.T.A., acronym for Temperature, Humidity, Time and Environment, essential conditions for conferring aromas and flavors to cheese. Living material that must be respected and guided towards perfect transformation, which requires craftsmanship attention for each shape, for each batch in each single day of processing.

it has a delicate, fresh and fruity taste with a pleasant sour sensation. A cheese that can be defined throughout the meal. Excellent in combination with Prosecco DOCG wine or fresh and fruity white wines.

Cheese with thin rind of ocher yellow color and slightly open and straw yellow colored paste. Semi-hard cheese, pleasant to the touch, it breaks easily into portions with irregular edges.

The fresh and citrus notes which gives dry wine they blend perfectly with the delicate fruity and vegetal scent typical of the milk obtained from local farms. The delicate taste is enriched by the hints of citrus and green apple typical of dry wine marc. The herbaceous and dried fruit notes marry well for appetizers accompanied by fresh and fruity wines.

 250g pack



SEASONING: min. 4 months

SHELF-LIFE: 365 days

PAIRING: White Wines

Ingredients: Raw cow's MILK, salt, rennet, lactic ferments, LYSOZYME (from EGG), "Prosecco DOC" wine (min. 0.1%) and marc (min. 0.1%) in rind.

AVERAGE VALUES FOR 100 g Energy KJ 1862 / Kcal 449, Fats 38g of which saturated 27,2g, Carbohydrates 0,85g of which sugars 0g, Proteins 26g, Salt 1g.

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