Ubriaco® of Raboso

Ubriaco® of Raboso

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🧀 Semi-hard cheese aged in wine and Raboso IGT marc.

Delicate flavor, with a pleasant vinous aftertaste.


250g pack


TREATMENT: Pasteurized 

SEASONING: min. 12 months

SHELF-LIFE: 365 days

PAIRING: Red wines

The cheese Drunk of Raboso it is the first creation of Antonio Carpenedo among his Cellar Cheeses dated as far back as 1976 and which gave rise to the Ubriaco brand. A success more than 40 years old during which experimentation and compromise with thehigh quality.

L'Ubriaco di Raboso is a cow's milk cheese and has a crust that takes on the classic burgundy color, testimony of the careful method of intoxication that transforms the pasta into a deep yellow with rare and small holes.

At the table it goes perfectly with polenta, a crunchy piece of bread it's a medium structured red wine. Excellent with del Red radish of Treviso, a combination of a unique territory.

The Ubriaco di Raboso cheese gives fruity notes of wild blackberry and morello cherry. The vinous notes are delicate and persistent, wrapped in a delicate but decisive slightly spicy taste. 

🥇 Press 🥇

He got the Spina d'Oro in 1996 at the dairy exhibition in Thiene, 2nd classified in the CASEUS VENETI 2013 competition in the category 'REFINED CHEESES IN VINACCE', 3rd place in the ALMA CASEUS 2014 competition in the 'EMOTION CHEESE' category and the bronze at the World Cheese Awards 2015-16.


Ingredients: Pasteurized cow's MILK, lactic ferments, salt, rennet, preservative: LYSOZIME (from EGG). "Raboso IGT" wine (min. 0.1%) and crushed grapes (min. 0.1%) in rind

AVERAGE VALUES FOR 100 g: Energy KJ 1775 / Kcal 428, Fats 36g of which saturated 25,62g, Carbohydrates 1,07g of which sugars 0,13g, Proteins 26g.

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